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Registered Master Builders


Our Story

DLP Construction Ltd has grown from humble beginnings. 

Initially it was just David Potts, his trusty van and a simple vision to be a better builder than the rest.  Word quickly spread about Dave's straight forward approach, and it wasn't long before the work started pouring in.  Soon after, builders that Dave had previously worked with joined the DLP team, and now together they work along with their clients to provide not only a great build result, but also a positive customer experience. 

David and his team have significant experience in manufacturing construction.  This specialist experience, as well as their understanding of the Health and Safety requirements in the industry, really does stand them apart from others.  DLP Construction simply know their stuff.


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We know that finding the right builder is a decision not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your project, and your budget.


Our Boss


managing director

David Potts

Building is practically in Dave's DNA.  The Potts family is littered with builders and engineers, so it was no surprise when Dave announced he wanted to pick up the tools. 

Not only does Dave know how to build, he is known in the Waikato for being a straight-up guy who tells it like it is and who always delivers on his promises.  Dave's way of dealing with clients and stakeholders is one of the things that makes DLP Construction different from the rest.

Builders aren’t generally known for their people skills, but Dave is different.  He focuses on the client and the relationship first, and the success of projects continues from there.

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Our Services

Construction and construction management are our core business services.  An integral part of our service to clients is to provide a variety of construction services across this field - including but not limited to:

  • Design & build

  • Industrial projects

  • Residential builds

  • Commercial construction

  • Commercial renovations

  • Civil construction

  • Site maintenance


Our Certifications & Accreditations

DLP Construction are New Zealand Registered Master Builders and are proud to represent top-quality built commercial environments upheld to the highest standards.

  • New Zealand Registered Master Builders

  • New Zealand Licensed Building Practitioners

  • CPNZ

  • Employer and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Member

  • Safety N Action - Training Provider

  • New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) Member


Our Clients


Our Crew